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“In a time of emotional rebuilding, love and hate go hand and hand with revenge”

In the summer of ’73 the state of South Dakota was in the midst of racial tension following a stand off on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  With all the hate and discrimination, two lost souls found love on the bank of, the soon to known as, Punished Woman’sLake.

All her life Anna has been a wild child.  Growing up in the small town of South Shore,South Dakota, she would spend her nights stealing, drinking, and doing drugs.  After getting clean her, she moved with her father, Martin, away from all of their family toTexas to start a new life.  By the age of twenty-two Anna and her father were doing well, until Blake Ross came into the picture.  The multi-millionaire started off as Martin’s boss, but found his way to become Anna’s husband.  After months of physical and emotional abuse from her much older spouse, Anna had enough and took off to the only place where she thought she’d be safe, her grandfather’s cattle ranch in South Shore.

Cal spent most of his young life working cattle ranches. At the beginning of 1973, he was living with his uncle in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.  At that time occurred a stand off between the Ogalala Lakota tribe and the U.S. Government.  An occupation that lasted over seventy days that included not just protesting but poverty and violence.  Being Lakota, Cal spent many nights holding a rifle watching over his people.  The months following the event, he did what he could to get away from the nightmares and found his way to the other side of the state by way of a job offer on a ranch as a work hand in South Shore.

 PUNISHED WOMAN’SLAKE is a love story mixed with revenge and tradition.  It will keep you on the edge of your seat while breaking your heart.

Its Tarantino meets the Coen Brothers meets Shakespeare.

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“A camping trip turns into a blood bath in the haunted woods of Pine Acres”

The sun is just above the horizon shining a light in the wooded area of Pine Acres, just outside of Watson,Nebraska.  A frantic Irene Schaeffer is running from the man who murdered her friends, Brandon Styles. That is how our story begins.  Fast forward twenty years  and Brandon Styles is now known to haunt those woods. His haunting has created one of the most told ghost stories in the area.

We now find ourselves on the campus of Cooper State College, located thirty minutes from Pine Acres.  This time around we have eight new campers making the trip. Jenna is a very shy college student. Her only real friend is Colleen who she only sees during their classes together. Colleen’s boyfriend, Max, and his best friends Rich and Wes, convince Colleen and Rich’s girlfriend Shelly to go camping even though it is late October. Colleen asks Jenna to go and although very reluctant, she says yes. Joining the group is Cole, who is the only person who knows how to get to the location, and his roommate Daryl. Daryl goes because he has nothing better to do, but Cole is excited because the campsite is in Pine Acres. Because it is the birth place of such an amazing ghost story, two college newspaper reporters, Betsy and Jack, are also headed that way to shed some light on the subject. The campers, the reporters, and the ghost story all make this for a classic tale that will be reminiscent of suspense filled horror films of the 50’s and 60’s, but also pay homage to the slasher films of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

It’s “The Haunting” meets “Friday the 13th” meets “Scream”

Read the first 11 pages of the SCRIPT!

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“A simple man with big dreams discovers that to move forward, he must go back. “

Sometimes life does not always turn out the way we planned.  When we are young we don’t picture ourselves working in a cubicle or bartending or, in Bret’s case, working in a fast food restaurant. 

After graduating from Lincoln North High School, Bret had plans to head out west with his girlfriend, Kelly, and become a famous actor. Kelly was the one who originally inspired him and it was because of her he was taking this leap.  Bret also received support from his friends Aaron, Troy, and Rob. He saw them as being his friends for life; even if they were going to be two thousand miles away.  Then Bret ran into a speed bump…reality.  Kelly broke up with him and with out that inspiration he made it only as far as sixty miles from home.  Also, even though he lived so close to his friends, they lost touch and he hasn’t seen them since graduation.  Bret quickly gave up on acting and found work selling Buffalo wings; that would ultimately become his career.  Then the invitation came:


Now Bret is on his way back to his hometown to regain that inspiration; in other words, win back Kelly’s heart.  In the process, Bret discovers that he isn’t the only one with problems.  His friend Troy went on to marry a gorgeous model that is willing to give it up to become a mother. Troy sees this as an end to his already high end society way of living.   Rob on the other hand is finding that now that age thirty is in sight, he just might have to grow up and become an adult.  Finally Aaron, his best friend, married his high school sweetheart after graduation.  Now almost ten years into the marriage, he is feeling the stress of keeping the love alive.  In one night he’ll put those years to the side and risk it all.  Bret also has his distractions.  In the week leading up to the reunion he meets a young woman named LJ.  The two come together over their similar aspirations in life, he wanted to be an actor and she wants to be a musician. In the short time that they know each other, they form a bond that is everlasting and life changing.

 LIFE UNATTENDED is a story about finding inspiration and realizing that sometimes to go forward, you have to go back.  You’ll be able to relate to one or more of these characters in this dialogue driven drama/comedy that is guaranteed to keep you thinking after you leave the theater.

It’s “Garden State” meets “The Big Chill” and “Juno”

Read the first 11 pages of the SCRIPT!



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