I’m Featuring

Two years.  I’ve been working on producing three short films and a feature film for the past two years.  Writing wise, I’ve done squat.  I did work on two pilot scripts I’m proud of, but getting back to feature writing is something I really want to do. But where do I find the inspiration?

After banging around ideas, paging through my little treasure chest of plots, and a lot of time just staring off into space, I finally got it.  I’m going to write a comedy.  Now where do funny things happen?  I should be able to come up with plenty of ideas.  I perform comedic improv all the time.  First thought was family, but that idea has been done to death. (Thanks Tyler Perry)  The second place I thought of was at the workplace.  Again, this has been done a million times, but like family leaves it open to breathing room.  In the end, I scratched both of those and went to a classic: the road trip with a mix of holiday.

With my genre set, I’m now putting together my bullet list.  I already know my beginning, middle, and end.  The bullets are going to help me get through them.  Then it is off to do my character research and then the outline.  I’ll start the dialogue during the first week of November.  I hope to have the “crap” draft completed by the end of the year.

My weekend was going to be filled with working on my latest script, but it looks like I’ll be heading up to Aberdeen, South Dakota.  I’m an Executive Vice President at Murders 4 Fun.  We perform improv murder mysteries all over the country.  I got a call a couple days ago that I’m needed to perform a couple shows out of state so I answered.  To be honest, one of the hardest things for me to do is turn down a trip to Aberdeen.  It was where I was born and both of my brothers and three of my sisters live there or in the area.  I love that town and I love visiting.  Can’t wait to head up there and put on a great show with a great group of actors.

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