Odd + Obscure = Original

In 2010 the horror movie “Rubber” was released.  It was about a killer tire that rolled around and using telepathic powers it killed people.  It of course had a bit of comedy, but for the most part it was a horror film.  It falls into a category of films that go so obscure that they don’t even have a name.  In my experience films like this only works if they are short films.  Granted “Rubber” was a feature, but still less than 90 minutes.

I wrote and produced a film titled “Bus 1107” about a man who proceeds to bring up the spirits of everyone on a bus simply by doing odd acts of kindness.  Not that obscure, but not enough to make a feature out of.  I thought it would be fun to write an obscure script; just a quirky little story that is a little out there.  But after numerous rewrites it ended more comedic and unlike the film’s original intention it ended on a happy note.  It worked for me because the film took “Best Family Film” at the South Dakota Film Festival.

With films like “Rubber”, even if they don’t make sense at first you come to accept the story they are telling and that is what makes it so special.  So if you’ve got yourself a little box of ideas for scripts that you’re keeping under your bed, I encourage you not to limit yourself and not to hold back.  The goal is to tell a great story and if you receive a comment like “original” take that badge and wear it proud.


Next month we will be shooting the final day of “Immortal Darkness”.  Only a few hours left on set for this short film and I will be throwing a big party once we complete this one.  The very next day I get to work on preproduction of “Back to One”.   First place I go of course will be the budget and how to raise funds.  I’m also tossing around an idea and slopping together an outline for a new feature script.

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