Can’t Wait To Write

With as busy as I’ve been producing “Legend of Pine Acres”, “Bus 1107”, “Immortal Darkness”, “Back to One”, and the passion project “Punished Woman’s Lake”, I’ve been wanting to take a break so I could get back  into writing.  I’ve been sneaking in little writing sessions while rewriting current projects, reaching out to investors, setting up production dates, etc.  Short scripts are my obsession lately, but I really want to do another feature.  To do this I’m taking about four or five short film ideas from my treasure chest (aka notebook) and constructing a feature.  What I’m going to end up with is a very diverse script, but will include all the pieces I fell in love when I first wrote them down.  With carefully shaping them, I know it will be a great picture.  When I walk out of a movie I love it when I could relate to more than one character; this includes the antagonist.  Even though he/she is doing wrong, he/she thinks they are doing right.  A great example is the film “Falling Down” starring Michael Douglas.

Now I probably won’t get to this script until 2013.  I will be a spending the rest of this year making the movies I wrote between 2008 and 2011.  I’ll have to keep a notebook on set.


It is production week.  On Friday we go into production with “Immortal Darkness”.  I’m gathering the last minute items needed before we head off to set.  If all goes as planned we’ll be done filming by Saturday afternoon.  Now I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ve failed three times before.  That will definitely be running through my mind every step of the way.

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