Where Have I Been?

Alright, I know I’ve been gone awhile, but I have an excuse.  Scratch that…excuses are something that too many of us have.  We writers are always coming up with excuses.  They are reasons why we’ve been talking for the past year about a script we can’t wait to start writing.  Excuses are reasons to procrastinate, which is a four letter word that is actually 13 letters.   Ask any writer and they can all give you at least three reasons why they are putting off their latest screenplay or novel.  We need to stop with the excuses and get real, so here I am.

I started to realize that there is no reason why I stopped blogging.  I even had about six weeks of blogs ready to post.  I can say that it feels great to be back and I’ve given the blog a new look.  I’ve kept the old posts on here mostly for me to go back and read, but feel free to take a look.  To end on a cliche, when it comes to this blog I’ve refocused this energy and I can say I’m back in the write state of mind.


This is a big weekend.  I’m off to Aberdeen, SD with producing partners Chad Bring and Chad Bishoff to the South Dakota Film Festival.  I wrote a short film, “Bus 1107” and now it has won the award for Best Family Film at the festival.  I also wrote and directed the film and with Chad Bishoff produced it.  In a just over a week I’ll be producing another film I wrote “Immortal Darkness”.  I’m finally getting off my ass and getting these films done.   Also, news from the feature film, “Punished Woman’s Lake” is just on the horizon.

There is also news on the acting front.  I’ve been doing improv shows with Paul Warshauer and Murders 4 Fun.  Paul is giving me the great opportunity to be more involved with the company and now I write the checks and cast shows in the Midwest.  Performing improv is such a high for me and now I get to do it even more.

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