The Love of the Game

If you are a screenwriter looking to get your work out there, you’ve got to find ways to make it eye catching before a page is even turned.  Readers read a lot of scripts and if you think yours is anything special, before it’s read, think again.  This is where being an independent filmmaker comes in handy.  I’ve gotten pretty good at taking my feature scripts and knocking them down to 15 to 20 pages so they can be shot as a short film.  It would either be the opening scene of the feature or maybe a back story.  It makes a nice companion to the feature script and can make people want to read it.  By doing this I’ve grown to love the producing process.  It is not an easy job and you run into a lot of different types of people.  To make a short film, a lot of times people have to work for free while thinking about the big picture in the end.  Now there are people who make short films who have budgets to pay everyone, those people I applaud those people. But, the most interesting people I’ve come across are those who do the job out of pure love.  Those are the best people to surround yourself with.  When that passion project you’ve been working on takes off, it is those people you want by your side on the way up.


Well…things are coming together on a few projects.  I finally have a big lead on a location for “Immortal Darkness”, big thanks to our possible location scout Jon Portrey.  Hope to work out the details this weekend when I’m on the road so we can film the weekend of July 14.  Also, the film “Bus 1107” had a big week.  The film is about 90% edited.  A re-shoot for one scene does need to be done, but hope to have that done by the end of the weekend.  Finally, “Punished Woman’s Lake” had a great week with an interview on South Dakota Public Radio’s “Dakota Midday”.  Here is a link to the interview.  Hope to use it as buzz to keep this train moving. 

Next week will see work on “Back to One”; a website?  Also a first draft of a TV pilot I wrote.  More on that later.


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