As a screenwriter, I’ve been able to get into the zone known as “NO FEAR”.  It took a few years, but it allows for so much freedom and I can only hope more people find it someday.  On the other side as a producer, I’m also able to adopt this way of thinking.  I first got into it when I decided to create my own opportunities.  The first few films I did with my college roommate, Chad Bring.  We approached each project with care and played it safe.  This resulted in a lack of production design and over all presentation.  After years of putting out films that I consider had so much potential, I’m ready to become fearless.  You can’t be afraid to hear “no” or when in production meetings say the words “why not”.  I put the project first because I wouldn’t produce it if I didn’t care.  The way you think has to be on the end result and always have two plans, Plan A and B.  ( I believe heavy in the power of back ups)  I call this “NO FEAR” attitude of mine my “Ari Gold” gear.


This is going to be a big week.  Not only will “Bus 1107” get a huge push forward and “Immortal Darkness” finally have a shooting location, but I’m going on South Dakota Public Radio on Monday, 6/18, to talk about “Punished Woman’s Lake”.  The next update should be big.  (Of course, this all depends on how much work I put in…”NO FEAR”)


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